CF-13 LED Flasher Relay - Adjustable. Use with LED Indicators. Flash rate

J-TECH Products LTD

Description: CF-13

This Flasher Relay should be used when you have swapped your bulbed Indicators, to LED indicators to prevent problems such as hyper flashing, or no flashing at all in some cases.

It is speed adjustable -  set its flashing speed from 50 cycles per minute to 200 cycles per minute; clockwise to reduce the speed, anticlockwise to increase the speed.

Please note - The CF-13 Relay has a different Pin layout to the CF-14 although to look at they look the same, the internals are layed out differently so please make sure you order the correct variant for your Motorcycle. The CF-14 Flasher relay can be bought in our store.

Easy Plug & Play installation

Operating Voltage: 11V-15V
Switch Current: Min. 0.05A - Max. 20A
Switch Load: Min. 0.6W - Max. 240W
Flashing Frequency: 50 to 200 times per min
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +80°C